Body Work

Bodywork & Non-Invasive Therapies

Body work involves working with or “manipulating” the human body through touch or transference. These techniques are used both for diagnosis and to improve conditions affecting health and wellness.

Below are a few of the body work techniques we use.

Craniosacral Therapy: Improving the Rhythms of the Ki

Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on “listening” technique that aims to identify and assess the normal rhythms of the Ki, and then release tension and restrictions in bone and soft tissues. The normal movements of bones and soft tissue are often inhibited or altered by disease and ailments. It is a non-invasive, often gentle approach where patients feel only the pressure of light touch, and often enter a deep state of relaxation as the practitioner “works” the affected area(s).

Deep Tissue & Structural Integration

Structural therapeutics is a hands on technique targeting the connective tissues where stagnation (pain) and congestion has been identified. Diagnosis can be either patient-reported or through palpation of the area. The practice is based on one of the methods developed and taught at Esalen Institute during the 1980’s.